Concluded on the evening last Tuesday, 2 April 2013 the Forum of the World Autism Day under the slogan: ‘ we with you for you ‘, organized and sponsored by Atouz ‘ for exhibitions and conferences ‘ in collaboration with the Autism unit of the Ministry of Social Affairs, where the Forum was opened by Her Excellency the Oversight Office Director in the Ministry of Social Affairs Mrs/Samha Al-Ghamdi on behalf of her Royal Highness Princess/Adhwa bent Yazeed Al-Saud, for the death of his Royal Highness Prince Badr bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud.  The Forum also received attendance of an elite group of women entrepreneurs and businesswomen princesses Highness, the community and the competent and interested in the field of autism, both on the scientific and cultural or social aspect.

And with all the brilliance, the curtains were removed and lit candles and the Forum began with welcome word for the organizer and sponsor ‘ Atouz for exhibitions and conferences ‘ made by Ms. Al-Jouhara Al-Abdulwahb, the General Deputy-Director on behalf of the Director-General Ms. Shroug bint Abdullah Al-Mahmoud, and spoke about the importance of organizing the Forum on world autism awareness day, it first came to the awareness and cultural role among different groups in society about this behavioral disorder and its treatment, also thanked her Highness Princess/ Samira Al-Faisal and Ms/Samha Al-Ghamdi, sponsors and participants in the Forum. After then Mrs / Samha Al-Ghamdi gave her speech emphasizing the State’s concern with autism to achieve the goal of their awareness and knowledge of their needs, as she thanked Atouz for exhibitions and conferences for organizing and sponsoring this event, affirming the role of the private sector in support of the outreach efforts and gives and exemplary of other institutions.

Followed by Her Highness Princess Sameera Al-Faisal, head of the Board of Directors of the Association of families of the Autism charity-where she spoke about the Assembly and its outstanding fit with autism, and overcome all the difficulties and challenges they face. After that the Autism unit supervisor Mrs. Huda Al-Haidar, who spoke about the new Ministry draws to launch and activate the new rehabilitation programes in many comprehensive rehabilitation centers in Riyadh, also spoke about the role of the Autism unit in supporting families and children with autism, followed by a social worker Mrs. Ebtisam Al-Sudairy, she talked about the social service role and its relationship to autism ‘, where she spoke about the importance of helping the family acceptance and adaptation to a child autistic.

Meanwhile, Dr. Sarah Abdulkarim from King Saud University gave a Lecture: ‘ consumer education ‘, where she gave practical steps to accustom the child to financial management and rational use of issued personal, Mrs. Haifa Al-Qusayyer introduced a working paper entitled: ‘ volunteer strategic investment for the national revival ‘, which discussed the importance of volunteerism at the level of the individual and society, the most important skills and qualities that should be possessed by the volunteer. After that Dr. Sally Hassan gave a lecture: ‘ Autism disorder diagnosis and treatment ‘, talked about the definition of autism and its symptoms and the importance of early intervention, at the conclusion of the Forum presented the poet/Juwahir Al-Sudairy introduced a poetry evening, where it met with admiration of the audience, and concluded the ceremony honored the Atouz and participants in the Forum and sponsors.

This forum has the participation of many centers and associations interested in autism: autism charities, families and maternal and child welfare association, the Center for my child to daycare, Amaly Center for training and consulting, and Prince Sultan humanitarian city, autism clinic in a military hospital, and comprehensive rehabilitation centres in each of Al-Ghat, Al-Dere’ia, Shaqraa and Al-Almlz, Association for orphans care, flower Association to breast cancer, and the consumer protection Association, with participation by different awareness of staff about their activities in the field of autism treatment.

Source: Watany Al-Habib Electronic Newspaper

Link: http://www.watny1.com/albums-action-show-id-712.htm


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