Witness the capital of Saudi Arabia – Riyadh starting “Our Beautiful World Exhibition” for women and children, organized by Atouz for organizing exhibitions, conferences, where the exhibition will be held in Intercontinental Hotel – Riyadh starting from 22 until 24 September 2012.

The event aims to enrich women’s cultural, social and economic dimension entertainment and in the Community and through the diversity of areas of the fair and coverage of various concerns of women and children, a basic building block
To build an integrated society.

The exhibition also comes a wide participation of many actors, companies and institutions in specialized areas of concern to women and the family in general, which date back to the Saudi society benefit, where is the fair opportunity to share all areas such as: the areas of fashion and beauty, accessories, decor, furnishings, cars, travel, tourism, health and beauty centers, training centers and professional self-development, and many other areas.

Event enjoys wide media coverage by local newspapers and magazines of all types and sites Supporting electronic the event, most notably “Exhibitions Magazine” media sponsor for the fair. Where comes the exhibition “beautiful world” fashion and beauty lovers scholarship and the enjoyment of the eyesight, bring together the between His Highness the beauty, glamor, and between what exhilarates the hearts of our children getting rid our wombs will come the effectiveness of the “world of our children the most beautiful”,
To simulate requirements and needs of each of the Mother and Child, the exhibition also features the presence of Chief of Staff of halting educational variety, commensurate with tendencies and desires children to refine their talents and develop individuals to serve as effective in the future to serve the nation and the citizens.

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