Display designers Saudi, cosmetic products in skills and fashion within the feminist Festival is held at Riyadh from 3 to 5 Rajab 1431h compete in contest (Palla Mano), organized by the atos company for exhibitions and conferences with four seasons.

The Director of the company organization Shroug Al Mahmoud to the Festival an opportunity for convergence designers under one roof through which providers regarding women socially, economically and in keeping up with the world of shows its future work in many sectors.

The Festival will include a variety of events honoring the winners in the best fashion design contest and the best beauty salon for 2010, noting that the contest was in accordance with the criteria and conditions used in global competitions.

The Festival is accompanied by an exhibition all about involving women entrepreneurs of Riyadh Chamber of Commerce and industry through workshops offered by the successful experiences in the labour market and bring their ideas and support for emerging young talent in order to transform their ideas into projects on the ground as determinants of labour.

And hinted that part of the proceeds were allocated to support the charity exhibition in Riyadh.

Source Link:  http://www.alassil.com/news-action-show-id-7660.htm

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