Shared wives social corps accredited Arab Saudi Arabia Saudi sisters in celebration of national day eighty-third part of the ‘world’s most beautiful exhibition’ they be or become happy in Operetta and distributed the information to them that she and Diane Hawkins denied the Australian Ambassador is very pleased to participate in the national day and the call us Ms. Shroug Al-Mahmoud to attend ceremonial events within the Gallery of our most beautiful, I wish the Saudi security I love Saudi women Saudi Arabia a good heart and identified closely and here I am lift Flag of Saudi Arabia to bless to the custodian, and Saudi Arabia.

John Pienaar said the Turkish Ambassador campus: bless to festivals, this wonderful celebration of all standards and happy because I join Saudi women celebrating, congratulations to this avalanche of big love of her people and the people of her Kingdom, the longitudinal stretched out to everyone and is calling for peace, as Nello fart from the Bangladesh Embassy was pleased to participate in the national day of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia wish success and lasting progress and said what the coolest home while his sons love feels, and is there a I home And the campus Ambassador of Bangladesh, said Shahnaz Islam bless the Kingdom a great national day that wonderful memory and great celebration, commemorating the great unification of Mubarak to the Government and people of Saudi Arabia, thanks to diplomatic Nawal Bint Saleh Al Shalhoub Campus Ambassador Hamood bin Nader for inviting us to attend the ceremony in our beautiful and thank Ms. Sunrise Al Mahmoud, Director General of the company Atouz, happier in this pool with the Princess Noura bint Saud Al so horny I added a festive national taste.

She said the campus Ambassador of Cameroon asked that flower on a very special and full of surprises, that display of cultures, recognition, praise for the Saudi Arabia national day and wish them further progress, we all love and respect, and we commend the people of Arabia on because its always aimed at peace in the world, may God of his age. And Dalia Abu rub said from the Embassy of Palestine, I congratulate the Government and people of Saudi Arabia’s national day, eighty-third and I hope to God that perpetuates the security and safety of the people of Arabia on the great, very happy to participate in this ceremony held in our beautiful Gallery II, had the pleasure to hear national operetta was distributed we informed Saudi Arabia and clothes too much green, she denied the Ambassador of South Africa Hanifa Jafar sincere to her to the Government and people of Saudi Arabia and blessed them with national day and wished them progress And development in all fields, she said: I like Saudi Arabia, and Saudi women are educated and confident in all areas blessed Saudi national day and happy new year.

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