Saudi Arabia-Riyadh capital starting the exhibition of “Our Beautiful World” for women and children, organized by Atouz for exhibitions and conferences, where the exhibition in Intercontinental hotel, Riyadh from 22 to 24 September 2012.

The women’s event aims to enrich the cultural and social dimension, economic and recreational society, through the diversity and comprehensiveness of exhibition areas for the various concerns of women and children and is the fundamental building block for building an integrated society.

The exhibition also comes a wide participation of many actors, companies and institutions in specialized areas of concern to women and the family in general, which date back to the Saudi society benefit, where is the fair opportunity to share all areas such as: the areas of fashion and beauty, accessories, decor, furnishings, cars, travel, tourism, health and beauty centers, training centers and professional self-development, and many other areas.

The general manager of Atouz: Shroug Al-Mahmoud said:
“the objective of the Expo is to service Saudi society; through highlighting the activities of creations and the shepherds and participants and offered their products and make them known to highlight by the media and emerge and spread them and keeping pace with global development and modernity, from women’s effective role in various economic sectors, developmental, advancement of Saudi society to shift the quality of the upgrading and highlight the leading role in the Community.”

She also added: “We look forward through exhibitions and conferences and events industry innovation women to each the thought of a new cultural world in opposition, especially women’s exhibitions Saudi Arabia, in line with the teachings of the religion Islamic religion since you need Saudi women “.

The Management also reported that the event Atouz accompanied by the effectiveness of the distinct and “Our Beautiful Child World”
, with a view to discovering and supporting talents and creations of children, through the diversity of elements which commensurate with tendencies wishes of the children to refine their talents and develop effective to serve individuals in the future to serve the homeland and citizens.

On the other side, the exhibit will be allocated by the Department to serve the community through support for associations and organizations
Charitable community visibility and submission for the purpose of the definition with its objectives and activities, and charitable social, As well as another section to support multiple talent productive families, Through constant endeavor by Atouz to stand together in support and promotion of these groups, To help them and promote them to be effective members of society.

Also allocated second Day which falls on The National Day for our dear Kingdom, to commemorate the events of the supports and promotes a national feeling to our visitors and exhibitors.


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