Under the Patronage of Her Royal Highness Princess Abeer bint Sultan bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud ; the exhibition of “Our Beautiful World 2012″ for women and children will be opened on Saturday 24 Sept. 2012, primarily in the Saudi capital Riyadh – Intercontinental Hotel, which organized by Atouz for exhibitions and conferences. The exhibition makes a world of creativity and imagination, a world that combines the latest fashion and beauty lines in a diverse environment includes all the concerns of women and children in general, and is designed to enrich the cultural and social dimension, economic and entertainment in the community, through the diversity of the areas that the exhibition has.

The exhibition comes with  broad participation of many  companies and institutions specialized in areas of interest to women and children in general, and that accrue to the Saudi society benefit, in the medical field comes “Dar Al Shifa Medical Group” in Riyadh as the “Official Sponsor” of the exhibition, and in the celebrations and decor comes “Al-Shomou’ Hall” as the “Strategic Sponsor”, “Must Bee” and “House of flowers ” as the “Gold Sponsors” , “Lilis” Decoration and “Imagination Production” for lights as “Silver Sponsors”, and in the area of real estate comes “Al-Orouba Unity Company ” as platinum sponsor.

The exhibition also have wide media coverage by several media channels and magazines; like “Rotana Khalijia” as the “Exclusive Satellite Sponsor” and “Rotana FM” as the “Radio Sponsor”. In addition to a number of leading magazines that provide media coverage to the event.

The General Manager of Atouz Mrs. Shroug Al Mahmoud indicated that : “The exhibition aims to highlight the role of women in economic development, and display successful models for working women and businesswomen, giving the opportunity for all posts to present their activities in the media, and enrich the culture of women’s world business and investment, and the areas of self-development, and to encourage and support women small and medium-sized enterprises, entrepreneurs and crafts, and giving the opportunity for them to display their work.

She also said: “that the goal behind the exhibition is to serve the Saudi society; by highlighting the activities and creations sponsors and participants and showcase their products and make them known to highlight the media and achieve appearance and spread them and keep abreast of developments and global modernity, and the advancement of Saudi society to make a quantum leap level women and highlighting its role leading role in society. “

As well as the second day was devoted for the celebration of the National Day of our beloved kingdom, to commemorate events that support and promote the meaning of national to visitors and participants, where is this national occasion precious important to become Kingdom a unique model of the meaning of unity and strength of cohesion and coherence of the social fabric and uphold the flag of Tawhid and good values​​.

On the other side, the exhibition will be allocated by several corners to serve the community through support for Charitable associations and organizations to introduce their objectives and activities to the target audience. As well as another section to support multiple talent productive families, through constant endeavor by Atouz to stand together in support and promotion of these groups, to help them and promote them to be effective members of society.

As reported by the management of Atouz represented in Mrs. / Al-Jouhara Alabdawahab – The Deputy Director -;  that the event will be accompanied throughout three-day by a special activity “Our Beautiful Children World 2012″, in order to discover and support the talents and creations of children, through the diversity of staff commensurate with the preference children and desires to amuse them and refine their talents and developed to be active members in the future to serve the nation and its citizens.

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