Based on excellence and success through atos ‘ our best ‘ first session kicks off exhibition ‘ our best ‘ 2013 at its second session with unique views to address the arts lovers and opposition leaders and to create new opportunities for women in business in Saudi Arabia and Gulf women and lots of companies and institutions to participate in the various areas concerned with women and this is atos through exhibition for the second consecutive year that attracts top Saudi and Gulf women designers and brands and brands To visit an excellent opportunity to enjoy the world’s most beautiful combines the latest fashion and beauty and fashion designs as well as various health and beauty centres and companies design, hospitality and all the concerns of women and the family under one roof, with all the brilliance and beauty, where the exhibition in the Hall of lavender beside Al faisaliah Hotel Riyadh for three days, from 17 to 19 September 2013 g from 11 until 13 November 1434.This according to the General Manager of atos for exhibitions and conferences Professor Sunrise Bint Abdullah Al Mahmoud told the magazine: ‘ the exhibition at its second session aims to support women in development and their economic, cultural and social level of the Gulf region comes as a confirmation of the level of Saudi and Gulf women in the labour market and efficiency in production and job performance, and also featured the exhibition in its first session its diverse views at the second session of the fair also accompanied many surprises, in a manner Professional global to simulate the activation and strengthening of the role of women in society and allow for the participation of different actors in the development and implementation of women’s events industry professionally for competency development and benefit from accumulated experience and implementation of creative ideas in this field It is worth mentioning that the show was in the first session and positive impression by patrons and participants, and achieved a great resonance on the level of attendance and participation, including a tribute to Mr. Abdallah Al-Qahtani financial director with Dar Al-Shifa medical group (official sponsor of exhibition) the level of organization and the diversity of participation in the exhibition to commensurate with the needs of women, where medical staff representative for the hospital services and departments that deal with health and beauty, it also wished to take part in the fair during its second session For 2013.On the other side, said Mr. Osama Al khuli representative for Hall of ceremonies (strategic sponsor of exhibition): for excellence exhibition services and the evolution observed in the Organization, and the level of attendance and the big turnout of businesswomen and ladies, where indicated their interest and their eagerness to participate in the coming years. As one participant noted a ladys accessories pleased with their participation in the exhibition in the first session, marked by the overwhelming response from attendees, which was a direct cause to support and show their displays of Commons visitors, also commended the ad campaign and exhibition events that encouraged this demand.She also praised her Beauty Boutique to exhibition that reflects the taste of the Ms. by the level of participants from inside and outside the Kingdom, offering them the opportunity to present the various unique tastes in fashion jewelry and accessories. She designed the life-view the Gallery: Gallery is great by any standards, and characterized by its unusual quality goers, where we found the Velvet layer that we have in our ad and our unique ‘ for our presentation, and thanked the saying: ‘ I thank everyone I dealt with at our beautiful, from the agent installation to the management of the Organization, and to thank them for their media appearances to show, and they gave me as a fashion designer.

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