prepares to embrace Saudi capital Riyadh exhibition start (Our Beautiful World) 2013 at its second session A unique view to create new opportunities and distinct Saudi businesswomen and lots of companies and institutions to participate in the various areas of women, where Expo will be held in the hall Next to Al-Khozama Hotel in Riyadh for three days starting from 17 to 19 September 2013. Targets The fair attracting the finest Saudi women designers in Trademarks and Brands world , to allow visitors to enjoy a world that combines the latest fashion and beauty and finest fashion designs, as well as to the different health and beauty centers of companies decor design hospitality facilities and all the concerns of women and the family, which meets under one roof. In a special statement to the Journal of ‘Is” reported in اتوز director for exhibitions and conferences Professor sunrise Bint Abdullah Al Mahmoud) to the exhibition in the second session is designed to support women in the area of development and highlight their economic, cultural and social level of the Gulf region. Further confirmation comes to the level of Saudi Arabia and Gulf women In the labour market and efficiency in production and job performance.
women in society and allow for the participation of different actors in the development and implementation of women’s events industry professionally for competency development and benefit from accumulated experience and implementation of creative ideas in this area. ‘ The exhibition also features a participation campaign ‘ our sweet ‘, which participates for the second year in a row, said the campaign’s Chairman Dr. Leila Bint Abdulaziz Al-hilali’s magazine ‘ is: ‘ to our participation in the exhibition ‘ the world’s most beautiful’ for the second consecutive year in which we achieved a great success and we were able to deliver our message and displays its distinctive atmosphere and encouraging campaign and allowed them to communicate with the widest possible audience and communicate its message and attract hundreds of women ambassadors who vowed to move the message and objectives. ‘ And in the second session as a companion to many surprises and exciting events, professional global to simulate the activation and strengthening of the role of

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