Princess Abeer bint Sultan bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud openثي the exhibition of “Our Beautiful World 2012″ for women and children, and primarily in the Saudi capital Riyadh in Intercontinental Hotel, which organized by Atouz for exhibitions and conferences.

The exhibition aims to highlight the role of women in economic development, and display successful models for working women and businesswomen, and to give the opportunity for all ladies to present their activities, and enrich the culture of women’s world of business and investment, and the areas of self-development, as well as to encourage and support women small and medium enterprises, entrepreneurs and crafts,and give the opportunity for them to display their work.

And according to what was said by Shroug Abdullah Al-Mahmoud, the Director General Manager of Atouz for organizing exhibitions and conferences.

She added: “The exhibition makes a world of creativity and imagination, the world of fashion event combines the beauty in a diverse environment includes all the concerns of women and children, in order to make a quantum leap level of women and highlighting her leading role in society.”

It is worth mentioning that what distinguishes the exhibition is that the second day of the opening is allocated to the National Day of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and held a number of events that support and enhance the meaning of the national to visitors and participants.



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