It was staged by the Atoz Company for organizing exhibitions and conferences.

The “Garden of Fashion” exhibition blends the beautiful and exotic nature with the latest lines of fashion in order to invent a new world in marketing that can attracts the interests of a wide category of ladies in the region.

A large number of designers from the Gulf countries participated in the exhibition to present the latest in world fashion, accessories, long dresses, and hand-made stuff.

Shorouq bin Abdullah Al-Mahmud, director general of the Atoz Company for organizing exhibitions and conferences, said the objective of this event is to enrich the cultural and social dimensions in society through using modern and developed ways that can benefit Saudi society.

This is evident by the diversity of the exhibition’s scope that meets the interests of women, said the official.

The exhibition also presents a cultural and social program for awareness under the banner of “meeting and excelling”.

Shorouq Al-Mahmud says she hoped the exhibition would promote innovative cultural thoughts that meet the needs of Saudi women while conforming to religious principles.


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