Opened by Her Royal Highness Princess Latifa Mesa’ed Abdulaziz yesterday evening design exhibition in the art of
fashion and beauty ) palla mano )Four Seasons Hotel in Riyadh. The show aims to honor winners in
The competition of best Couture and the best beauty salon 2010 M compete in which a selection of Saudi women designers
Those with talent. And wandered uplifting and attendance throughout the exhibition, which includes all the costumes, and serves the women of
clothes, accessories, jewelry and antiques Home Beauty Centers as well as participation of the Assembly) conscious)
social awareness and rehabilitation fund and the percentage of charitable association and the Mainland to publicize their activities
Goods and services. And then saw attendance electronically presentation introduces the covered by the exhibition and the arbitration committee members
And the names of the participants by the Race raised then threw a group of orphaned children poem welcoming reputation
Sponsor of the ceremony.

After this uplifting heard to explain from the representative of the Fund, Ibtisam Al-Hamidi percentage of the Fund’s
Services of the sons and daughters home, explaining that the number of beneficiaries 3333 young men and women in various areas in
All areas of the Kingdom that the fund allocated Useful prize for the best fashion designer of the 2010 M by granting financing
Full project according to the conditions that are compatible with the percentage of fund. Beyond announced the names of the winners in the contest.

In conclusion, handed Her Royal Highness Princess Latifa Mesa’ed Abdulaziz awards and certificates
Thanks achievers and shields discretion pastoralists and members of the Commission on arbitration and participants.

Her Highness expressed happiness for their participation in the opening of the first contest local fashion creativity set out young women
Saudi women search for development and renewal, and detection, and work and application. She explained that the women
Saudi Arabia in the last ten years cut Great way in various fields where able to
governorate to prove itself on its religion, customs and traditions. It is noteworthy that accompanies the exhibition, which will continue to be
For two days corner multiple talents in Saudi Arabia) queen of creativity) to discover the delights of human creativity
And work to provide suggestions and consultation by the Advisory Committee competent to convert these
talent to an investment project fulfils the terms of the projects Saudi Arabia that are compatible with the Community.

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