The start of the exhibition of “Our Beautiful World” II for women started yesterday evening the activities of the ‘World’s Most Beautiful’ II For Women 2013 M, which will last three days, with the participation of a selected group of women working in the field of fashion of the Kingdom and Sister Gulf , in the lavender in Riyadh, 
director in the organization sunrise bint Abdul Al Mahmoud said the exhibition seeks to support Saudi women in all areas, which highlight the abilities The economic, social and cultural level of the Middle East, are useful to the fair in its Second contains many surprises, miscellaneous In addition to the special ceremony to mark the anniversary of the national day of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 
and allows the exhibition The participation of many of the companies and institutions specialized in all the concerns of women and the family. Offering an opportunity to learn about the latest fashion and beauty. And many of the exhibits Featured Products and diverse .
 The exhibition includes tomorrow in its second day, visit the diplomatic wives and Arab and foreign ambassadors To participate in the celebration of
the national day of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
The start of the ‘World’s Most Beautiful’ II for women 2013 was launched in Riyadh exhibition ‘our most beautiful’ II for women 2013M Hall lavender in Riyadh, and continued for three days, and included under its roof many The companies and institutions dealing with the needs of women and the family in general. It has also allowed to its visitors an opportunity to learn about the latest fashion and beauty. and a lot of the exhibits distinctive and diverse products.
 The general manager of the company the organization sunrise Al Mahmoud, the basic aims of the exhibition is to support women Saudi Arabia in all areas, which highlight the economic, cultural and social capacities. and to highlight its role and capabilities in building themselves and society to enrich both the social and cultural dimensions and trade, to ensure the fair special day to celebrate the anniversary of the national day of the Kingdom Saudi Arabia . 
there was a call for a second day in the exhibition to visit women wire diplomat of the wives of Arab and foreign ambassadors to participate in the celebration of the National Day The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 

 breakthrough came the fair keep pace with developments in the large and persistent
The Saudi economy in various areas. With the participation of a distinguished Ambassadors of elegance and beauty in each of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf, sister On the basis of women’s effective role in all development sectors. 

 It has also witnessed the exhibition the presence of a number of women’s business community. The women, Professor Nof Al Sudairi, which confirmed the’Madam’ keenness to visit such exhibitions The presence of distinct reviews by from within the country and from different countries to identify the various Products, explaining the importance of this kind of exhibition; because they help Saudi women to demonstrate their talents and skills. Especially in that category, which does not allow their circumstances to open their own stores. 
is noteworthy that The exhibition came to explain to the level reached by the Saudi women in particular. and Arabic in general in the labor market, including the high level of production and functionality

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