In an atmosphere of glamour and beauty opens the exhibition ‘our beautiful’ second women under the slogan: ‘with us for beauty’, in the Saudi capital of Riyadh, from 17 to 19 November for three days, from 11 to 13 October 1434, lavender Hall place beside Al faisaliah Hotel Riyadh, where the exhibition in the second consecutive session, with massive information campaign, based on the unique and distinctive views, combining the latest fashion and beauty and fashion designs, plus health and beauty centres and specialized companies design the decoration and fittings Hospitality, all that matters to women and the family under one roof will also show on the second day of a visit to members of the diplomatic corps and the wives of Arab and foreign ambassadors to participate in events commemorating the national day of our Kingdom, Central moments filled with pride and atmosphere overflowing with feelings of love and loyalty, love and brotherhood.
It is worth mentioning that the exhibition has received at its first session witnessed positive impressions of astronauts before The participants, and achieved distinct echoes the level of attendance and participation, where he spoke, Professor. Osama al-Khouli Hall representative candles celebrations (sponsor Expo strategic): the excellence of the exhibition in the first session of services and Development observed in organized, The level of attendance and turnout of women and businesswomen society, Pointing out that the level of regulation, forcing them to participate in the exhibition in the second session in a row,” he said. As the President of the Association of Businesswomen’s diplomatic corps in Dubai and deprived Ambassador Hamoud Bin Nader, Professor. Nawal Bint Saleh Al Shalhoub of the exhibition at the previous session, saying : ” how you are very happy ومندهشة, I saw him in the world’s most beautiful” for women and children, organized by اتوز company for exhibitions and conferences At the Hotel Intercontinental in last year, which was attended by the wives of Arab and foreign ambassadors women Saudi National Day celebration of the anniversary of 28 families from visiting them during the exhibition, which was inaugurated by Princess Abeer Bint Sultan bin Abdul Aziz. All the exhibits sash in green, Asaad visitors
The contained the exhibition on the latest fashion and beauty in an atmosphere varied interests included women and children, clothes and silverware accessorise home, medical clinics, centers and family consultation, training and development Self-reliance. The exhibition, the most prominent economic role of women, and to promote women entrepreneurs small enterprises and medium-sized enterprises and entrepreneurs, handicrafts, being reviewed which would serve as models for successful Saudi businesswomen gulf, provided the opportunity for them to publicize their activities. The exhibition was an important role in the service of society Where the owner distinct activities for children included a lot of drawing, handicraft workshops, and games Diverse, which aims to discover and support talent which are commensurate with their tendencies, desires to be eminent individuals in the future exhibition included many of the actors, which supports and promotes a The National visitors and participants, it coincided with appropriate national day, which is the ” Important Station stop generations then Saudi Arabia looks forward to the championship and standardization and construction pages which implants Its constants King Abdul Aziz – may God have mercy on him, – and even become the kingdom unique model of the meaning of unity The cohesion and the interdependence of the social fabric
The exhibition included many activities that support and promote the meaning of the visitors and participants, as it coincided with the occasion of the national day, which is an important stop station where generations of aspiring tournament pages and build that cemented the maxims of King Abdul Aziz-Al-Saudi, a unique example of the meaning of unity and coherence and cohesion of the social fabric and to uphold the banner of tawheed and virtuous values, the fair has seen the national operetta by the wives of Arab ambassadors and foreign and Saudi flag and brandishing photos Custodian of the two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz, the founder may his soul rest in peace.
In I thank the Director General of the organization of exhibitions and conferences اتوز Professor sunrise Abdullah Al Mahmoud To call me a Fijian schoolgirl Arab and foreign ambassadors and hospitality were attended Almighty Qadeer to Almighty God for your success for the good progress and highlight Saudi women and support in the development of the country “. On the other side, said the “nooria Boutique” saying: “that their participation in the exhibition in the second session comes after the great success achieved by the first session. Where were met exhibit of fashion and accessories a turnout of distinguished visitors,” he said.
In this regard, the Director General stated that atos for exhibitions and conferences Sunrise Bint Abdullah Al Mahmoud, saying: ‘our shops carry a chunky and transcends everything develops and enriches the skills and capabilities of the sons and daughters of this country, and we strive always to support women in all areas that highlight their economic, cultural and social level, this is a confirmation of the level of Saudi women and Arabic in the labour market, including high levels of both production and performance In practice, the exhibition also marked the first session of the diversity and the different actors of the show, in its second session with many surprises and capping with a special ceremony marking the national day of Saudi Arabia may God forever in our hearts and decoration on the US boast it year after year in the endless national pride
It is worth mentioning that the exhibition is sponsored by huge advertising campaign distinct, consisting in a recovery House Medical – official sponsor -, Hall candles Celebrations – strategic sponsor, Al Harthi. Platinum Sponsor -, panorama panoramic imaging, butterfly to coordinate concerts – Co-Chairman Distinguished -, in addition to a group of newspapers, magazines, and electronic channels, including: Gulf Rotana Rotana, movies, satellite channel LBC, Rotana magazine Magazine, Mai Mall, Snoop magazine, magazine diet secrets and beauty, talah magazine Magazine, Lien, Ben-Hur , electronic newspaper, The Women’s silk, Yves Arabica Location, Location Yasmina quarter, Our campaign Al Helwa – outstanding participant

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