Concluded Thursday evening 19 September 2013 events ‘ world best ‘ second to 2013 after an atmosphere full of national pride, where the exhibition in the Hall of lavender lavender, Riyadh hotel, for three days from 17 to 19 September 2013 g from 11 to 13 October 1434. Scoot Exposition ‘ the most beautiful ‘ second world women this year in the second consecutive session, under the slogan: ‘ beauty with us meaning ‘, after success in the first session, bringing the exhibition under one roof many companies and institutions specialized in the matter of women and the family in General, in addition to the selection of Ambassadors elegance and beauty from within Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States, which allowed the show to our valued visitors an opportunity to learn about and see what’s new and unique lines Fashion, fashion, and other products and exhibits and various services.
The exhibition came up big and ongoing developments in the economy of the Kingdom in various fields, with atouz for exhibitions and conferences this event for the second consecutive session on a high level of organization and process innovation to simulate global standards for such exhibitions, the aim of atouz through this exhibition to support women, especially Arabic, and highlight its role and capacity in the building itself and its community, and highlight its highly competitive and emerge through the design and current exhibition.
In this regard, the Director General stated that atouz for exhibitions and conferences Shroug Bint Abdullah Al Mahmoud, saying: ‘our exhibitions carry a chunky and transcends everything develops and enriches the skills and capabilities of the sons and daughters of this country, and we strive always to support women in all areas that highlight their economic, cultural and social level, this is a confirmation of the level of Saudi women and Arabic in the labour market, including the high level of production And operational performance, and marked Exhibit 1 diversity and different events, exhibition in the second session with many surprises and capping with a special ceremony marking the national day of Saudi Arabia may God forever in our hearts and decoration on the US boast it year after year with endless of national pride
On the other side, said Mr. Osama Al khuli representative for Hall of ceremonies (strategic sponsor of exhibition): ‘ excellence exhibition services and the evolution observed in the Organization, and the level of attendance and the big turnout of businesswomen and ladies, where indicated their interest and their eagerness to participate in the coming years. ‘ Professor Dina Sultan spoke of cookie &Cup-perfect poster-exhibition ‘ our best ‘ for women, 2013 participation was: ‘ Come join us at our beautiful second from the success of the first exhibition of our most beautiful and distinguished company organization company atouz in organizing exhibitions, brought us to introduce our products and published wider, and our goal of attracting the largest number of gourmet and interested in the world of sweets and chocolate
The Director General of the Asian flower agency advertising-patron of achievement-for the exhibition, saying: ‘ we are agency flower Asia advertising despite the short advertising age, but thanks to God, our excellence in our field which earned us the trust and satisfaction of our customers and we made in this area, and our relationship with our customers and with confidence and creativity of our designers, technicians, and delegates and we do not consider ourselves alone in this area, but we consider it excellent, our goal through our participation in the Exhibition ‘ the most beautiful ‘ 2013 world with atouz for exhibitions and conferences to increase the level of address and access to the elite tastes of ladies and our commitment to excellence and you above poster (butterfly format and parties) for the management and supervision of the Saudi Engineer Mohammed Saud Al invincible ‘ sincere thanks and appreciation to the organizers ‘ atouz for exhibitions and conferences on giving such an opportunity for them to participate in the exhibition and show their services of decoration for various kinds of processing events in an integrated manner.
Me on the other side the ambassadors Moroccan takchita (Takshita) to ‘ that her goal is to participate in the exhibition is to introduce what is unique in the world of Moroccan caftan generally Moroccan takchita, in particular, by showing painting combine cloth and the indigenous culture that does not neglect the pace with the times maintaining elegance and decency, as it awarded personal closer to Queens in their legendary. She also praised her beauty boutique ‘ level show that reflects the taste of the Ms. by the level of participants from inside and outside the Kingdom, offering them the opportunity to present the various unique tastes in fashion jewelry and accessories.
The boutique as kaDan on their participation in the exhibition: ‘ very pleased with what we saw in our most beautiful exhibits and participants from inside and outside the Kingdom allowing us to exchange experiences in the field of beauty and fashion, as we congratulate Saudi women in organizing exhibitions and out of the ordinary and routine where the show was the idea of celebrating the national day and the participation of Arab and foreign diplomats ‘ wives at this national event, congratulations to the custodian and to the Royal family and the Saudi people and the nation is fine and the exhibition The second day the effective observance of the national day for Saudi Arabia to honour and presence of Princess noura Bint Saud bin mugren Al Saud and Princess Haya Al-Saud and the wives of Arab and foreign ambassadors and members of diplomatic corps, where crossing on my sense of overwhelming to see the operetta, see exhibits and wear a mask decorated in green, the color of pride and dignity, on the anniversary of this day dear to all our hearts, and that all citizens of the country in the past, present, and future of the incident, and in his day, Gland, the effectiveness of the promotion
The exhibition was sponsored by and large excellent advertising campaign in Dar Al-Shifa medical group-official sponsor-Hall candles-strategic sponsor, Al-Harthi-Platinum-, labilnos-silver sponsor-flower Asia agency advertising-sponsor achievement., agency insights, media & publicity-excellence-patron, a banorabi panoramic photography, and Butterfly format concerts, Coki * Cup-perfect poster-, Chamber of Commerce and industry in Riyadh (women’s section), as well as a range of channels and electronic magazines and newspapers including: Channel Rotana, Rotana, LBC satellite channel movies, massaya, Rotana magazine, magazine, magazine Mai snoop, Godfather prospects group, diet secrets and beauty magazine, Journal of Thala, the magazine Hor newspaper Lian, e-newspaper, women’s Silk, and Eve, Yasmina, a sweet Word-outstanding participant.

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