Decides to see Saudi Arabia capital Riyadh breakthrough contest exhibition (Palla Mano) fashion and beauty mid-June of the current hotel Four Seasons from 15 to 2010/6/17 .

Atouz Foundation has developed for exhibitions and conferences, the idea of organizing global competitions Simulator contest for the first time in Saudi Arabia and that through the participation of selected designers fashion and promising talent in the Saudi community fashion design.

Mrs. Shroug Al Mahmoud General Manager of atos exhibitions and conferences ‘ the aim of this event is to serve the community and keep pace with Saudi and world revolution, and that from the effective role of women in various sectors to launch and discover masterpieces and deposits of human creativity, and advancement of Saudi society to bring about a qualitative leap in the level of Saudi Arabia ‘.

Al Mahmoud stressed at the press conference yesterday that the contest was in accordance with the criteria and conditions used in filtering operations global competitions and even access to the final presentation in the contest, the banner was a study highlighted the requirements and mechanisms to reach final results and evaluation ‘.

Al Mahmoud ‘ reported that the event will not only Palla Mano ‘ competition ‘, but accompanied by a gallery (Bazaar) which includes all the areas of fashion and beauty in addition to exhibition ‘ creativity ‘ multiple talents and inimitable and emerging it for submission of proposals and consulting by Senior Advisory Committee with all relevant stakeholders to support such promising talent and turn it into investment projects that satisfy the requirements of Saudi investment projects ‘.

Also concluded the Al-Mahmoud was ‘ that community service is unrivalled vision of anticipated event as fashion houses a new start would see Saudi Arabia in fashion by opening wide opportunities to develop their businesses ‘.

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