Opened by her Royal Highness Princess Abeer bint Sultan bin Abdulaziz yesterday the exhibition ‘Our Beautiful World 2012′ for women and children organized by Atouz company for exhibitions and conferences, at Intercontinental Hotel.

The General Director of Atouz Company Ms. Shroug Al-Mahmoud said that the exhibition combines collection of the latest fashion and beauty in diverse atmosphere includes concerns of women and children of clothes, medical clinics and centers, family consultation, training and development, self-reliance indicating that highlights the role of the women’s economic and encourages and supports the Women Entrepreneurs of small and medium enterprises, handicrafts, in that it reviews successful models Saudi and Khaliji businesswomen. This allows them an opportunity to publicize their activities.

According to Al-Mahmoud say that the exhibition play a significant role in the service of society, where shows the broad participation of many Companies and charities through participating in the exhibition and introducing themselves to visitors and attendances, set out that the exhibition
Continue 3 days brought with it distinctive events for children includes many of the graphic, handicraft workshops, various games which aimed at discovering and supporting talent, which commensurate with their tendencies and desires.

Al-Mahmoud concluded her saying: The event is accompanied throughout three days, the activity of “Our Beautiful Children World 2012″,
The aim of this activity is to discover and support talents and creations of children, through the diversity of the staff commensurate with tendencies and desires of children to enjoy them and refine and develop their talents to be eminent individuals in the future,” She said.

It should be noted that it will be held in the exhibition many activities and events on the occasion of the 82 national anniversary of unifying the kingdom.


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