Riyadh: the symposium was opened by her Royal Highness Princess Nouf Bint Nasser Bin Abdulaziz Tuesday night exhibition “ garden fashion fashion and beauty in the presence of large women most, the Intercontinental Hotel, and lasts for three days, and the Gallery latest. fashion to invent a new world of shopping of jewelry, clothing, accessories and household utensils and beauty clinics in addition to the participation of several charities including the Association of families of autism and schizophrenia society and Association of social rehabilitation and the subliminal Association for the fight against obesity kil. The Director General of the fair Sunrise Al Mahmoud said the aim of the exhibition is to enrich the cultural dimension and the social and economic development of women in society under the slogan “ “ rendezvous and moving up through the use of modern methods and developed with broad participation of selected fashion designers from the Arab Gulf States.

She said: we look through exhibitions, conferences and events to designing and manufacturing every thought in the world of new cultural exhibitions particularly Saudi women’s exhibition in line with teachings and what Saudi women. The exhibition is accompanied by the Atouz company for exhibitions daily lectures on cultural techniques of photojournalism and investment security in capital markets and workshop (to begin the betalk) and the early detection of breast cancer and the mechanism of self-disclosure as well as the poetry of Saudi poets.



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