“Our Beautiful World” is the title of the ceremony, which was held on the 17th of last month,, Tulip Hall and was attended by many businesswomen who on its activities, and who care. The exhibition includes many participations of various Arab States, and the idea of home based ‘ charity work ‘ of which,, which includes resident within the Kingdom. The exhibition included the participation of several major companies, including the companies ‘ prospects for the godfather of information ‘ was represented by Ms.: ‘ ghzayyel ‘-’ usaymi head women’s group that made some remarks concerning the idea of the show, and also as regards the participation of the company ‘ Horizons ‘, and the quality of services and others offered during the show, saying in a press interview held with her in the dedication ceremony for her role and the view : ‘ Here we are ‘ women’s World magazine, and the world of Eve, which we of course in agreement with many of the major companies to sponsor some charity, and also to provide great discounts,, until the end of the year all you need women of wellness, or other supplies entertainment for jewelry, hotels,etc, Ms. ghzayyel that health insurance does not cover some plastic surgery you need the ladies, so show some medical insurance provides insurance companies with participation of such operations as she ghzayyel in her remark: ‘we tried to do something for the market price does not, of course, to the benefit of all the ladies and we focus on health care, insurance, medical insurance, the conditions as to payment of your order and your full identification. Also the insurance does not cover dental and beauty and slimness and others, we focus on this point, we have discount 80 ‘s beauty and slimness and laser laboratories and other lots worth 99 for the end of the year ‘ and with her question about the expected return of the exhibition said: ‘ for me does not expect this enormous returns from the first day of the exhibition, BiH. And support for women’s projects in the Kingdom, said Ms. ghzayyel: ‘ that served the society find it supported, but charge rather than face God, also spoke to the exploitative it won’t backup or armrests, and she personally fights exploitation in severity ‘ and exists in many different activities, and a lot of companies, associations, individuals and small entrepreneurs, participants of the fair. One woman said when asked what distinguishes this show from the rest of the other exhibitions held events in Riyadh, saying: ‘ that is distinguished from other similar exhibitions, the diversity of participants found it heavily as I spoke of ‘ the General ‘ classroom official charity for Quran memorization, for participants and role of the Assembly in the exhibition
And with her question the view of small enterprises for women in Riyadh, said: ‘certainly it’s all community service projects, is a good initiative and with time will become large. ‘ and had the visitors say they were impressed with the show and its services, and also has some expression of quality and frequent posts,, and diversity, giving more opportunity to take advantage, in particular it contains different nationalities, of all States and that it pull over to go to the Gallery of this kind. It also said that such exhibitions allow the individual to find out things and cannot get it from somewhere else, webasaarakl of some malls and other shops. At the close of the exhibition, ‘ the world’s most beautiful women, second ‘, which were held by national pride, where these events over three days starting from Sept. 17 to ‘ Thursday September 19 ‘ h ‘ 11_13 ‘,. The theme of this year’s exhibition ‘ beauty with us meaning ‘ and launched the second consecutive session, to achieve more success after his first session. Bringing the exhibition under one roof many companies and institutions Specialized in all matters of women and the family in General, in addition to the selection of Ambassadors elegance and beauty from within Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States, which allowed the show to our valued visitors an opportunity to learn about and see all that is new and unique in the fashion lines, and other products and exhibits and various services. And on the other the organizers and sponsors a prominent and important role in the success of the show, and enriching activities, and highlight the main objective is to support the Saudi women ‘ and hence show up big and ongoing developments in the economy of the Kingdom in various fields
With atouz for exhibitions and conferences this event for the second consecutive session on a high level of organization and process innovation to simulate global standards for such exhibitions, the aim of atouz through this exhibition to support women, especially Arabic, and highlight its role and capacity in the building itself and its community, and highlight its highly competitive and emerge through the design and current exhibition. In this regard, the Director General stated that atouz for exhibitions and conferences Professor Shroug Bint Abdullah Al Mahmoud, saying: ‘our exhibitions carry a chunky and transcends everything develops and enriches the skills and capabilities of the sons and daughters of this country, and we strive always to support women in all areas that highlight their economic, cultural and social level, this is a confirmation of the level of Saudi women and Arabic in the labour market, including the high level of production And operational performance,
As featured in the first session of the diversity and different events, exhibition in the second session with many surprises and capping with a special ceremony marking the national day of Saudi Arabia may God forever in our hearts and decoration on the US boast it year after year with endless of national pride. On the other side, said Mr. Osama Al khuli representative for Hall of ceremonies (strategic sponsor of exhibition): ‘ excellence exhibition services and the evolution observed in the Organization, and the level of attendance and the big turnout of businesswomen and ladies, where
indicated their interest and their eagerness to participate in the coming years.
This exhibition was the second day the effective observance of the national day for Saudi Arabia to honour and presence of Princess noura Bint Saud bin mugren Al Saud and Princess Haya Al-Saud and the wives of Arab and foreign ambassadors and members of diplomatic corps, where crossing on my sense of overwhelming to see the operetta, see exhibits and wear a mask decorated in green, the color of pride and dignity, on the anniversary of this day dear to all our hearts, and that all citizens of the country in the past, present, and future of the incident, and in his day, Gland, The effectiveness of the promotion and support of national loyalty have meant the visitors, participants and sponsors.
The exhibition was sponsored by and large excellent advertising campaign in Dar Al-Shifa medical group-official sponsor-Hall candles-strategic sponsor, Al-Harthi-Platinum-, labilnos-silver sponsor-flower Asia agency advertising-sponsor achievement., agency insights, media & publicity-excellence-patron, a banorabi panoramic photography, and Butterfly format concerts, Coki * Cup-perfect poster-, Chamber of Commerce and industry in Riyadh (women’s section), as well as a range of channels and electronic magazines and newspapers including: Channel Rotana, Rotana, LBC satellite channel movies, massaya, Rotana magazine, magazine, magazine Mai snoop, Godfather prospects group, diet secrets and beauty magazine, Journal of Thala, the magazine Hor
newspaper Lian, e-newspaper, women’s Silk, and Eve, Yasmina, a sweet Word-outstanding poster

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