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The 2nd of April has been crowned a year as the International Day of Autism Awareness, and on this day activities, lectures and events for education and enlightenment in this disease, which some call ‘the mysterious disability!’ for the difficulty of detecting and diagnosing symptoms and lack of community awareness. Proceeding from this principle “Atouz” organizes and sponsors the “World Autism Awareness Day Forum” under the slogan: ‘With you and For You’ in collaboration with the Autism unit of the Ministry of Social Affairs, under the auspices of Her Highness Princess/ Adhwa  Yazid Abdullah Al Saud – in the Hall of Al-Shomou in Riyadh – The Strategic Sponsor -.

In this context, Atouz is seeking to highlight the role of Saudi Arabia  and the custodian of the two Holy Mosques King Abdullah  Abdulaziz Al Saud – may God protect him — in part to concern for the health of citizens and the provision of health and social care, as evidenced by successive leading medical advances made by Saudi Arabia in this regard and the respect between the States of the world, including the care of people with special needs, especially autism class where the State has accorded special care.

So Atouz as -the Official Sponsor- organizes several events and awareness activities for the community by organizing a forum on world autism awareness day, which includes integrated cultural program with lectures and different workshops to raise awareness about autism and its causes, diagnosis and correct common misconceptions, and shed light on the effectiveness of early intervention, in addition to reviewing the experiences of parents in this area along with other accompanying events.

In this regard, said Mrs. Shroug  Abdullah Al Mahmoud, the Director General of Atouz for exhibitions and conferences, saying: “The organizing of world autism awareness day in collaboration with the Autism unit at the Ministry of Social Affairs ranks first in order to activate the educational role and awareness among different groups in society about this behavioral disorder and its treatment, adding that:” To support such social software comes out of a culture of social responsibility that represent the culmination of the rich heritage of values of solidarity and compassion and interpersonal affection of Saudi Muslim community Based on religious affiliation and morals “.

On the other side,  the Director of the Office for the supervision of the Ministry of Social Affairs women’s Mrs/ Samha Al-Ghamdi said: ” The Ministry of Social Affairs to celebrate World autism awareness day comes to confirm the State’s interest in this category who has autism and to achieve the goal of their awareness and of their suffering and galvanizing and capabilities they have, as well as the definition of their needs and the potential of their disability and an early initiative to fit and help them to overcome the challenges of all segments of society aware of the social responsibility towards them, therefore the management and Official Sponsorship by Atouz Company for this day was in order to affirming the role of the private sector in support of the outreach efforts and the definition and example of other foundations and private companies hoping to achieve its objectives.

The Autism unit supervisor Mrs. Huda al Haydar, says: ” The Autism unit of the Ministry of Social Affairs does annual Forum on world autism awareness day with a variety of events, lectures, awareness-raising and educational various paragraphs; organized by Atouz Company for exhibitions and conferences -official sponsor- of the Forum, on this occasion, I thank the Government and the custodian of the two Holy Mosques and the Ministry officials who make great efforts to provide safe would raise the level of services for people with autism and overcome all difficulties by activating many programs with autism and their families in many Of the Ministry; As I extend my sincere thanks to the organizer and sponsor “Atouz for exhibitions and conferences” for their distinctive and effective support for such events and social activities, which will highlight the important role of the private sector and various institutions in the promotion and support of activities aimed at enriching the culture of society towards children with autism and their families; and ask Allah to help them and to help us to serve this precious class to all our hearts as families and specialists and officials assumed the Secretariat of these great message. ‘

The Forum starts with a speech by Mrs. Samha Al-Ghamdi -the Director of the Office for the supervision of the Ministry of Social Affairs women’s – she speaks about autism unit’s role and its moral support and awareness for families with autism, on the other hand Mrs. Hoda Al-Haidar -The Autism-Unit supervisor through a review of the experiences of families, parents with autistic children, and answer the highlighted questions and questions about how to deal with them. Then, Mrs. Haifa Al-Qussaier gives a short lecture speaking about the importance of volunteerism as a strategic investment, and Dr. Sarah Abdulkarim from King Saud University in cooperation with the consumer protection Association lecture highlights on consumer awareness, as the poet Mrs. Juwahir Al-Sudairy gives a special poetry evening to the attendance of the Forum, between parts the social specialist Mrs. Ebtisam Al-Sudairy gives a speech speaking about the role of social work and its relationship to autism.

Source: Al-Madina News Website



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