Over three days, received Exhibition (Fashion Garden for beauty and fashion) received the women and girls in Hotel Intercontinental in Riyadh and organizing institution Atouz for exhibitions and conferences with the participation of more than 70 hand in fashion and beauty, clothing garments and jewelry, banks, and many charity and sponsored by many media as Time Gate occupied the largest online Arab women an important position in the show being a shepherd and was Director of marketing alashaui talk about site Nov and on investment opportunities and marketing, according to alashaui they In preparation for the work of the Gallery featured and comprehensive in April and the patronage of Princess Adela Bint Abdullah bin Abdulaziz.

The Director of operations at Bank aljazira (co-sponsor ) … that the Bank’s shares have presence in the exhibition through the participation of 12 fellow from different branches to serve ladies and the most important presentations and offer banking services.

In another part of the exhibit at the corner (MIMO) jewels & accessories made an auspicious  the second aiming for fame, deployment and access to satisfy the tastes of women and girls through the new media which contributes to the spread of designs quickly.

And beauty sponsor (Rokn Al-Misan) interest of visitors, where Ms. Ilham Shehadeh submit the most deals and services specific to hair and beauty through their expertise in this area of up to nine years.

In another aspect of the show was the Secretary-General of the Association of families of autistic and schizophrenic society that they have arrows aldossari presence in events and exhibitions to support the Assembly and display and sell some products which proceeds to both assemblies, according to Al-Dosari Minister of higher education Dr. Khaled Al anqari met the mothers of autistic children and welcomed the special autism scholarship program allocation.

Saudi charity also participated against cancer in spring fashion and spoken-Hajri arrows on their awareness in society and on programmes that have been implemented in many high schools and the importance of early detection of breast cancer in General and in particular for the prevention and early treatment in the event of injury to let God.

At the end of the show the General Manager of Atouz Sunrise Al Mahmoud, the fair is held for the first time in the Middle East for fashion and beauty with the participation of companies and institutions and in the presence of an elite group of business and community center of media attention through a mix of sweetness and picturesque nature and latest fashion lines to create a new world of shopping and entertainment.

Exhibition was associated with many lectures and courses in many areas.

Link: http://www.alriyadh.com/2012/01/02/article697325.html

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