The launch of a “our most beautiful” Women’s second started yesterday evening, exhibition “our beautiful world” II WOMEN’s 2013 M, which will last three days. With the participation of a selected group of women in the field of fashion of the Kingdom and the Gulf, sister In the Lavender in Riyadh. 
the Director of the Organization in the sunrise Bint Abdullah Al Mahmoud, the The exhibition seeks to support Saudi women in all areas, which highlight the economic capacities Social and Cultural Rights at the level of the Middle East. useful that the exhibition in the second session includes a number of diverse surprises. In addition to the special ceremony to mark the anniversary of the national day of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This allows the exhibition Participate in a number of companies and institutions specialized in all what is of interest to women and the family. Offering an opportunity to learn about the latest fashion and beauty. And many of the products of the exhibits and varied. 
exhibition contains in second day Visit diplomatic corps and wives Arab and foreign ambassadors to participate in the celebration of the anniversary of the day National Assembly of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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