HH Princess and wives of Arab and foreign ambassadors visiting the Gallery of our most beautiful lavender and Hall are celebrating national day of women’s active role in all development sectors have seen the exhibition kicks off in Riyadh ‘our beautiful’ second women 2013 Hall of lavender beside Al faisaliah Hotel Riyadh both brilliance and beauty, which lasted three days and ended on Thursday, September 19, 2013. Saw the show on the second day the presence of her Royal Highness Princess noura Bint Saud bin horny Al Saud, her Royal Highness Princess Haya Al-Saud and Princess Latifa Bint Fahd Al-Sudairy, wives of Arab and foreign ambassadors and diplomatic activist Nawal Bint Saleh Al Shalhoub Campus Ambassador Hamood bin Nader and social activist Fadia Al-shawaf and ladies celebrated exhibition of our most beautiful and organized for the second year ‘atos for exhibitions and conferences’ in the Hall of the Saudi national day Lavender in the eighty-third year.Where they were received by Mrs. Shroug Bint Abdullah Al Mahmoud, Director General of the atouz to organize exhibitions, conferences and Deputy aljohara alabdulwahab where was their entertainment with roses and incense, Arabic coffee, and then everyone would prefer to celebrate the national day in commencement of the Royal Saudi peace then operetta Baba Abdullah and to distribute the Saudi flag on the present, and then everyone went and toured with the show, which included in its unique and under one roof, many companies and institutions specialized in all Interest to women and the family in General, and gave the visitors the opportunity to learn about the latest fashion, beauty, and found a lot of products and exhibits distinctive and varied.Facilitated new opportunities for women in business in Saudi Arabia and Gulf women and lots of companies and institutions participating in the various areas concerned with women, to allow the visitors to enjoy the world combines the latest fashion and beauty and fashion designs, in addition to the participation of the various actors of the health centres and centres for beauty and decoration design firms and hospitality and all the concerns of women and the family, which met under one roof. And I enjoyed the visitors as they saw him on the show and then come for dinner and they are overwhelmed by what they saw from exhibitions, organizing, decorating Super beauty.
And the corridors of the exhibition told her Highness Princess Nora Bint Saud bin Saud was horny. The exhibition appeared at the second session of the companion of many surprises and exciting events in a professional manner and up to emulate the great developments and continuing in the economy of Saudi Arabia in various fields, with the participation of distinguished Ambassadors elegance and beauty in both Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States sister happy by what I saw and I work for my son and I shake hands with her hands and bless them and their taste and wish them more tender.On the occasion of the national day celebrations to tell the custodian and the Crown Prince and second Deputy and the Royal family and the Saudi people each year and is a good security and safety. Thankful for Sunrise Bint Abdullah Al Mahmoud its giving and creativity and wish her every success and success as Princess Latifa Bint Fahd Al-Sudairy, very happy with what I saw in the Gallery of our most beautiful exhibits and participants from inside and outside the Kingdom allowing us to exchange experiences in the field of beauty and fashion, all honored for Saudi women in organizing exhibitions and out of the ordinary and routine where the show was the idea of celebrating the national day and the participation of Arab and foreign diplomats ‘ wives at this national event, congratulations to custodian For the Royal family and the Saudi people and the nation well.And Nawal Bint Saleh Al Shalhoub Campus Ambassador Hamood bin Nader that the exhibit simulates the global and international standards such as the ultimate purpose of exhibition and which supports women and Arabic, and highlight its role and capacity in the building itself and the community to enrich the cultural and social dimension and commercial support in all areas that highlight their economic, cultural and social rights in the Middle East as it enriches and develops the skills and capabilities of the sons and daughters of this beloved country, comes to the level of Saudi women and Arabic In the labour market, I thank Professor Shroug Bint Abdullah Al Mahmoud, Director General of atouz for exhibitions and conferences to adopt the idea of the show and take it out to the shows and reception replete of princesses, wives of the diplomatic corps and celebrating national day and I thank the Attorney at atouz for exhibitions and conferences aljohara alabdulwahab for its efforts in making the show and get ready for the national day celebrations.
Turn the head editor of the magazine female electronic Dalal Bint Hamud bin Nader bless these efforts to the success of the show, which pleased to wander and see its contents, ideas and designs done by women which enriches the economic movement in our country, and highlights the role of women business woman that put her in the presence of her sisters from Gulf States, allowing them to exchange experiences among themselves, the General Manager of the fair Sunrise the phenomenon and where innovation and excellence and the idea of the day The national more than impressive and pray to God that extends the life of custodian of the two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz and protects our country, remain in the security service and security over time. This has made General Manager Organizer Sunrise Bint Abdullah Al-Mahmoud, said the exhibition seeks to support women in all areas that highlight their economic, cultural and social level, useful to show in its second session contained a number of surprises, in addition to a special ceremony marking the national day of Saudi Arabia. And allowed the visitors to identify
The latest fashion, beauty, and found many products and exhibits distinctive and diverse. thank God that included the show on its second day visiting the wives of Arab ambassadors and foreign participation in the celebration of the national day for Saudi Arabia. In the national atmosphere and beauty, aimed at promoting and supporting national meaning to visitors and participants, the great and eternal in our national day every citizen and citizen of pride in this country in the past, present and future, in fact, in his day and gland. ‘Our shops carry a chunky and transcends everything, and we strive always to, including high levels of both production and operational performance, and marked Exhibit 1 diversity and different events, exhibition in the second session with many surprises and capping with a special ceremony marking the national day of Saudi Arabia may God forever in our hearts and decoration on the US boast it year after year with endless of national pride’

She said social activist Fadia Al-shawaf, very happy with what I saw of the businesswomen’s partnerships in the show I was the women’s progress and prosperity under the Government save God, the show is excellent by any standards, and formalized national day festive sparkle of transparency, purity and serenity congratulations to custodian of the memory of unification and celebrate Saudi national day as Bakri bless for all of the Royal family and the Saudi people and wished everyone good and restore security and life safety. relatives that attended the anniversary National day of embassies: both Diane Hawkins from the Embassy of Australia, Dalia Abu rub from the Palestinian Embassy, Embassy of Turkey, binargon Shahnaz Islam from Embassy of Bangladesh, the Bangladesh Embassy wenilo fart too, flower Sala of the Cameroon Embassy, Hanifa Jaafar from the Embassy of South Africa, Ambassador of Nigeria and a large number of ladies

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