Wives of Arab and foreign ambassadors participate with Saudi women commemorating the 82th anniversary of the National Day of Saudi Arabia during the exhibition of “Our Beautiful World 2012″ for women and children under the patronage Her Royal Highness Princess Abeer bint Sultan bin Abdul Aziz recently organized by Atouz Company for organizing exhibitions and conferences Intercontinental Hotel.They were recieved by the General Director Manger of the exhibition Ms. Shroug Abdullah Al-Mahmoud, and Deputy General Ms. Al-Jouhara Al-AbdWahab and Mrs. Nawal Saleh Al-Shalhoub , Chairperson of the Association of Women in the Diplomatic campus in Dubai and the UAE , the wife of the ambassador Hamoud bin Nader.

After coffee and distribution of Arab Saudi flag to commemorate the great National Anniversary, they took a tour in the exhibition where all exhibits colored with the green color. The exhibition contained the latest fashion and beauty in diverse atmosphere included concerns of women and children. The Director of the exhibition Shroug Abdullah Al-Mahmoud said during the tour that the exhibition highlights the role of the women in economic developments and encourages the Women Entrepreneurs of small and medium enterprises and  handicrafts, being review the successful models of Saudi and Gulf businesswomen  giving them an opportunity to introduce their activities.

After that the exhibition, witnessed a National operetta which participated by wives of Arab and foreign ambassadors and they raise Saudi flag and pictures of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz.

Within this overwhelming joy and great presence for Saudi and Gulf women and wives of ambassadors , we have made the following interviews:

Rania Al-Shobaki, Palestinian Ambassador’s wife said: I congratulate the Government and people of Saudi Arabia to the 82nd anniversary of the unification of the Kingdom, it is the memory of very dear to our hearts, and that the tremendous efforts of King Abdul-Aziz, the Kingdom still flare where children received from several Government to complete the process of their father blessed, we wish good to great, and the people of Kingdom is the right interface to Arabs and Muslims, every day we see a distinct and continuous advancement never stop, and I want to add that the Kingdom has an important and essential and crucial role in the question of Palestine During the international and Islamic arenas and provide continuous support to the question of Palestine.

Mrs. Wedad Saleh the Iraq Ambassador’s wife said: every year and Saudi Arabia is fine, in my name and the name of the Iraqi people, I congratulate the Government and people of Saudi Arabia’s national day, and wish them peace of mind. We must point out that the country’s security with the security of Saudi Arabic, and we look to our eyes and our hearts to ensure security and prosperity in all Arabic countries. She said about Saudi women and what I saw in the exhibition: I’m very proud of Saudi women that have reached top positions in business, science, culture and elegance.

Princess Latifa Fahad Al-Sudairy said: my feeling can not be described in this bright day which we foresee the lessons and basic and unified homeland Commander King Abdulaziz , nothing will compensate us from home, I congratulate to the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques on the ocassion of the National Day and all of the Royal family and the Saudi people and wishe always safe and secure life under the banner of Monotheism that walked by the sons of founding father. She also was thankful for creative girls for what she saw in the National Day in this exhibiton of work and great taste and attention to women and children in a great national day that made this day, and each year and home fine.

Lala bint Labat the Ambassador’s wife of the Republic of Mali said: very happy with the National Day and have come here to celebrate this special day with my friends and my sisters to see “Our Beautiful World” exhibition for women and children and those of aesthetics and creativity, thanks to entrepreneurs and I wandered and my children in the streets of Riyadh were green and were pleased we have seen, it is a fantastic and bewitching I lift the Saudi flag celebrating with us on this special occasion.

Hanifa Jaafar the Ambassador’s wife of South Africa said: I’m very happy in this ceremony, which I share in the joy of the people of Saudi Arabia National Day, I have seen great affiliation to home from youth, young girls and children, singing to their homeland.

Aneela Nayem Khan the Ambassador’s wife of Pakistan said: how beautiful the Kingdom celebrated the National Day, we live in Saudi Arabia feels like at home, the same customs, traditions and religion of Islam, and we love it a lot because the Holy places and note that all coherent society and love the king and we love him too and interact on the National Day, and what we have seen in “Our Beautiful World”  exhibition 2012 for women and children is quite remarkable and suggests a bright future for Saudi women.

Najat Al-Zeeg the UNICEF Ambassador’s wife said: this National Day of Saudi Arabia is a cause for joy and pride, and we love it and  are proud that we have Arabs in this country great and magnificent, and this day shows customs and traditions and is a cause of unity and joy, Congrats Saudi national day and thanks for the creative Saudi women.

Fatima Torre the Ambassador’s wife of Ivory Coast said: celebrating the National Day was fantastic and fabulous . In addition the exhibition operetta with all its exhibits and a clear effort to organize, view, and frequent posts, Saudi Arabia is a beautiful country and wonderful and I love it and congratulate to the Government and people of the national holiday, and happy new year.

Mariam Al-Qamzi, the UAE Ambassador’s wife via telephone said: congratulation to people and the Government of the Kingdom’s National Day and wish all the best, development and prosperity for the Kingdom under the umbrella of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, the UAE and Saudi Arabia as a country, we all love this country. We are proud of Saudi women that has reached the world with confidence and efficiency.

Mariam Al-Shehhi from the United Arab Emirates Embassy said: the highest deepest congratulations and blessings of the Zayed to Saudi national day, sustaining God for many years, and each year, Saudi Arabia is fine, and I was pleased with what I saw in “Our Beautiful World” Exhibition 2012 for women and children and the status of women in all areas, may God guide you and every year and Saudi Arabia is fine.

Nora bint Ambassador Hamoud bin Nader said: Oh how much I am proud of you, I found myself faced proud of my father The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and support to women and work and aspirations of Saudi Arabia in all areas, how much I am proud with my raised Saudi flag that carries the Tawheed sign. God bless our homeland and God bless the founder King Abdul Aziz , God bless his soul. May the precious blessings of security and safety in our beloved kingdom will be always. And may these creative Saudi fingers be blessed.

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